Blaise Energy Blaise Energy

Blaise Energy Blaise Energy

Blaise Energy Power deploys single or multiple units in parallel to provide power from 120 KW to multi-megawatt

  • Experts in paralleling generators and managing real time load demands
  • Arctic enclosed equipment built to run 24X7 in all weather conditions
  • Unparalleled maintenance and service quality levels
  • Locally owned and operated with ‘boots on the ground’ throughout the Bakken region
  • Lowest cost fuel - Your Associated gas
  • Redundant Fuel - Auxiliary propane tank

Eliminate the cost of diesel – use your royalty free associated gas!

Blaise has expertise in 24/7 prime power applications from unprocessed wellhead gas. Our professionals keep your mission critical site running and provide significant savings over diesel.

Blaise Energy Power has packaged a scalable modular solution leveraging proven Industrial engines and the latest multi-fuel technologies. The Blaise US EPA Emission Certified solution prioritizes fuel from associated gas to propane backup to insure reliable site power with seamless blending or switching of fuel as necessary.

Seamless transition and blending between fuels while prioritizing the consumption of Associated Gas.


Blaise Energy Blaise Energy
  • Blaise Energy Power transforms gas into electricity directly at the flaring facility and then sells the electricity into the electric grid.
  • Blaise is the 1st company in North America to generate externally verified RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) from recycled flared gas.
  • Blaise has a eHouse that provides a mobile insulated enclosure with all electronics and breakers to parallel to the grid
  • Blaise can connect multiple generators in parallel to size the generation to available gas supply

Micro-Grid : Large Private Electrical Loads

Blaise Energy Blaise Energy

Blaise Energy Power can provide all equipment and expertise to power larger industrial loads for island power applications.

  • Blaise has both the electrical engineering expertise and equipment to install and maintain larger site loads such as multi well pad applications or plant facilities.
  • Expertise to parallel generators design load sharing capabilities up to multiple megawatt capabilities
  • Capable for temporary mobile applications or permanent installations


Blaise Energy
  • Blaise Energy provides turnkey solutions for distributed gas processing
  • Blaise handles all equipment and logistics to extract the NGL’s, market the liquids and provide a revenue stream back to the operator
  • NGL-In-A-Box is an innovative NGL recovery system designed and packaged for Bakken winters. Click HERE for more info.
Blaise Energy Blaise Energy Blaise Energy

Blaise Energy Blaise Energy

Blaise Energy

Blaise Energy Power’s proprietary eHouse™ - a Mobile Electrical Distribution Management Center, provides a unique and cost effective solution to managing on-demand variable load requirements on your site. eHouse™ is available for lease, purchase or as part of a complete Blaise power generation package implementation.

Blaise Energy Blaise Energy