Blaise Energy
North Dakota based company founded in 2008 with the singular mission to implement practical market-based solutions to flaring in the heart of the Bakken Shale Formation

Rethinking Energy

Blaise provides solutions to capture and monetize wasted natural gas going to flare due to lack of infrastructure or existing infrastructure capacity issues.

Problems Blaise Solves

Blaise Energy

We provide power generation through Blaise Energy Power and natural gas capturing and utilizing the wasted energy and flaring liquids recovery solutions through Blaise Energy to the oil & gas industry helping operators demonstrate proactive environmental stewardship and meet compliance of regulatory guidelines to reduce flaring and emissions.

For the oil production operators through two companies, Blaise capture wellhead gas, provide site power and recover Natural Gas Liquids to meet new stricter State and Federal guidelines including Gas Capture Plan goals and carbon recovery thresholds resulting in incremental revenue gains to our customers.

Blaise Energy